Monday, October 11, 2021

2016 - Leadership; If Not You, Then WHO (Whom?)


Gerry (L) and Joyce (R)

(Fifty Nifty Years in the United States Series)

Gerry Ignatz “if not you then who else can do this?” I have never been so personally challenged with my faith and church life as I was when Jerry said that to me. He had been the confirmation class catechist for Alec and Kelly and hundreds of others over a 25 year period. He stopped me in church one day after mass and talked about what he loved about working with young people.  He declared his mission and his intent.

Of all things, those if you know me, know that I am inspired by those words and challenges. I have always been a proponent of leadership and this was Gerry with a throw down that I could not have anticipated. In the words of Barney Stinson, “challenge accepted.” What a path that this has provided for myself and my family.

I attended Catholic school up until 6th grade (previous BLOG) and those who attended our wedding (Lee Anne BLOG) know it was a family affair. That is how I feel about my faith life and our church family. Gerry provided a dynamic moment of clarity and I am very grateful. Mark Cole, who leads the John Maxwell Team, says that clarity comes form the best leaders and John is always providing that vision.

I cannot imagine my journey in these United States over the last 50 plus years without a faith component. I am grateful to be in country that allows for that. It is a freedom that I cherish and I am grateful for Gerry to have offered a way to celebrate and share that with so many young people in our parish.

St. Michael's Parish

Gerry clearly understood the Law of Significance that John Maxwell describes. Gerry saw that he needed to step away and help others achieve what they were called to do. He never used a position to define himself or his cause of serving the young people of our Parish.

Gerry continues as a volunteer at the Parish. He is a lector, provides support for the radio ministry, does work projects and repairs, and shows up to help with different opportunities when ever asked.

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Post Script - Who versus Whom or Subject versus object or he/she versus her/him (Confused, read this)

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