Sunday, July 24, 2022

54 - 463,364 Hours of American Dreams

54 Nifty Year in these United States

On July 24 this year (also my birthday) I as well as my sister, Jackie, and my mom, (my dad passed away last year after 53 years) celebrate living in the United States for 54 years. Yes, we came to these United States on my 4th birthday from Brasil. That’s was 18,262+ days that my family and I have been a part of this American experience.

I know that I  have already said so much about this the last few years and I feel like I want to say so much more. Our family came here as part of the South American migration in the late sixties for the promise of opportunity. My parents rarely talked about the process they went through. My mother said that the entire decision making conversation was my father came home and said that there were jobs in America. She told him, "I’ll go where you are."

473,364 hours in the US. Okay, I have been to other countries for short vacations. But most of that to me was spent living, family, in school, working, camping and more living.

Over the last several years I have posted a series of stories and lessons that I have learned and grown from as I have been living in these United States.

Brasil '67 without Sergio Mendes Mas Que Nada
(that's me on the right)

Our country (United States) has been through a great deal (along with the rest of the world) and here is what I believe.

There are still ten of thousands of folks from nearly every country in the world who long to be in the US. There are families who save for years just to make sure that their children get to these United States without them. They send them off on journeys by them selves and cross borders in order to have greater opportunity than the will ever have in their home nation.

There are parts of the history of the US (and things that continue) that are difficult to understand and accept. 

Here's to those families and folks who make the journey and take up the American Dream. For me it has been the journey of my lifetime. Prayers to all! 

Please consider reading my journey (if you have not already done so) on my BLOG alfcoaching. The stories are headed with "50 Nifty Years in the United States Series"  and begins in 1968.

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