Saturday, December 31, 2022

Year End "Leadership"


How does one define "leadership" in a year of reflection? At best, its been a transitional year. As some of you may know or have read, I pick a word each year that represents my focus for the year. This year (2022) was renewal.

However, I choose to make it "Re-New-AL." 

The word is a representation of the past two years in regard to my health and the world's health. I like to spend time at the end of the year, reviewing my calendar and the challenges and accomplishments that have been a part of the last 365 days.

A great deal of my time was spent in various different doctor offices (about 13 days each month on average). My calendar was also full of opportunities at church. I am a faithful person and I have spent at least half an hour each day in what I call my "focus time" to reflect and contemplate my faith journey.

During the summer, I had occurrence to spend time at camp and in service of over 400 folks and moving my service total to 54,017 youth in over four decades. This was a huge renewAL for me in what I did not know I had had the stamina or energy to continue that mode of service. 

I reorganized my focus in early fall and took a break from writing and choose to spend some time listening. I choose to join a new group of voices (The Summer Camp Society) and I have gone into that group with the mindset that "I want to speak as though I am right and listen as though I am wrong."

In the late fall, I had opportunity to re-connect and renew in Southern California with friends and family. Noting three trips to In & Out burger while on that trip.

As I contemplate my new word for 2023, I think about the leadership lessons from this year of Re-New-AL. I want to sum it all up and tie it in a bow (as the season dictates). I know I am learning from my own family and especially my children.

I am working towards managing my life to continue to seek ways to improve. I long to reconnect and I had many moments to do so throughout this past year. I long for those late night conversations at camp that go nowhere but mean everything.

Many a summer night's spent in conversation on this porch.

So, here's what I know.  I want to say these things I learned and gained in my renewAL. It is clear to me that I am influenced by a competing thought where I am living my best life versus being the best version of myself. It has been incremental and miniscule change. I am leaning towards living the best version of myself and knowing that I don't have to be in one particular location or role (camp) to do so. As Becky Bursell (from Maxwell Leadership Podcast) says, "Faith it 'til you make it."

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