Tuesday, August 2, 2022

2022 - Mid Summer Staff Praise Suggestions


My view at camp in Upstate Western New York

1. Praise the effort not the outcome “ I really like the way…(insert behavior you observed theming doing or continue)

2. Catch and praise folks when they are hard working, kind, disciplined, consistent, caring, compassionate, helpful, giving, and positive. Avoid praise that is about a fixed mindset (pretty, smart, talented, or gifted- things that can’t be controlled)

3. Don’t overpraise ? ( Example -that was the best evening activity we have ever done) This sets up an impossible standard to ever meet that standard again.

4. Be sincere - folks know when you are not.

5. Don’t praise what is easy. Easy tasks set a low expectation mindset.

6. If folks enjoy a task, be careful not to overpraise - the potential to praise something every time it is done could lead to loss of motivation.

7. Avoid public comparison praising. “You are my favorite lifeguard” Other folks self esteem is on the line. Praise the process or behavior.

Inspired by my mentor Darren Hardy 

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